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still works. a whole year with no updates what a joke. just got a new computer so hopefully this year will be better - Joey
Automatics were a great band from Portland OR check out a show from 1998. Joey also put out a 7 inch by these guys long after they broke up. This shows Joey is a great business man or he is like Jay Z "Im not a businessman Im a business man!" - Webguy
the price is not fixed but you can paypal me
email me with questions - Joey

2 LPS, 1 7" and A T-SHIRT for $20

That is one awesome video. thanks george. if you wanna hear more of MIKE AND THE MOLESTERS you can buy their limited edition 7" here:
Mike and The Molesters 4-28-97 Austin Texas @ The Blue Flamingo
- Webguy
lots of new stuff going on here. we got shirts, lots of rad shirts, that is which will have a picture up real soon
3 brand new records as seen on the left here. the website is being fixed so the prices are a little screwy. send me an email if you got questions. it all should be fixed very soon - Joey
the web page is being updated please be patient - Joey
It's finally ready. The latest release from San Diego queens of foosball. It's a Collection has all the rare and oop 7"s, some tracks from some tour only Cd's and a new gem all on one slab of wax. It looks like this... Photobucket and comes on swirly vinyl and is remastered for your protection. You can't get these in stores yet or even on LITTLEDEPUTY.COM yet but you can come by the Little Deputy table at FEST during registration and buy one!!!!! We will also have lots of other stuff and brand new hand screened by me shirts for cheap So come and get it! If you aren't going to fest you can preorder one. just email me. - Joey
Tacoland on npr tacoland npr turn it up you pussies - Joey
DAN PADILLA a collection not perfection twelve inch lp will be out very very soon the records are being shipped as we speak get ready - Joey


It will surely be a total blast if you are not already going hop on a train bus plane or packmule and get out to san diego

Not only is LOVE SONGS playing but so is DAN PADILLA

both of their new albums
LOVE SONGS another 40 minute music set
DAN PADILLA a collection not perfection
will be out very soon on this here label so smash open the piggy bank and get ready to rock - Joey
asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade asshole parade LESS PARADE MORE ASSHOLE - Joey
be a friend of little deputy on myspace
- Joey
New New New LOVE SONGS LP is at the pressing plant
it is called another 40 minute music set and should be out by the end of the month so start saving your rupees
it rocks - Joey
wow a video that is cool - Joey
- Webguy
WHOA THE NEwS WORKS AGAIN holy shit thanks george.

with that said hello and welcome to 2009 the new HOT NEW MEXICANS well um er 7inch is out now it is great really great so buy a copy i am adding it to the web page today so take that. - Joey
LORDS OF LIGHT Energy Lp is out Not really sure why it is not on the website It has been out a while and for some reason never made it on there!Anyway it fucking rocks and you can get it for 8 dollars postage paid which these days is cheap It is a split release with 625 hardcore and Life is Abuse if that gives you any indication of what it sounds like - Joey - Joey
May. 21, 2008
sorry your orders were delayed for a while doug was partying down in mexico
Photobucket - Joey
May. 6, 2008
May. 6, 2008

dammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn ittttttt
the BANANAS are playing two shows in new york this friday and saturday and stupid me is gonna be outta town
i am so mad i could split!!!! my favorite band goes on tour once and i am gonna be gone!!!
check their myspace for dates and go see them or they will never go on tour again. they probably wont though, my style is still banana style. - Joey
May. 1, 2008
i cant wait til 2010 so i can stop seeing these stupid glasses - Joey
May. 1, 2008
Photobucket - Joey
Apr. 30, 2008
having problems with paypal account. if you tried to order something please try again tomorrow. - Joey
Jan. 9, 2008
yo - Joey
Feb. 13, 2007
Hey Our paypal account was down for about a week. so if you tried to order something and it didnt work please try again. thanks - Joey
Sep. 15, 2006
Hello to all. The Storm the Tower 7"s are here and the word is out. Check out Razorcake #33 or the September issue of Maximumrocknroll for proof. Look out for Bloodbath and Beyond at the Fest in Gainseville at the end of October. - Doug
Mar. 28, 2006
The Storm the Tower records are at the plant as I type. They should be ready sometime in april, check back for their May tour dates up the east coast. - Doug
Feb. 15, 2006
Holy Maloley! It's Feb 15th. I missed V.D. day. Oh well this year is flying by already. had about 25 inches of snow 3 days ago now it is back to mid 50's in new york .Global warming a go go.

It's an interesting time for news right now. Dick Cheney shot his buddy while hunting and didn't have a license(another illustration of the administration's complete diregard for the law and thinking they are above the law.(in true rich people form). Sadam on trial, and what a sham that is (usa is accuser judge and jury. that sounds real fair). Finally the enron trial. I will be realllly surprised if ole kenny boy(as George W. calls him) even gets 1 day in jail. no way he and skilling will walk. That's america, 20000 people lose their job and their pension and their stocks because they were frozen adn couldnt sell the while the rich preisdents friends cash in and then go on trial an get off.

Oh yeah and what is up with hamas elections. Pretty ridiculous. We claim to be for free elections and basically force this country, palestine, to have one. Then when we don't like the outcome we threaten to yank all of out financial aid until they play ball with us. Do you want democratic elections or not. They voted for a religious gov, because the non relig parties have been sucking. And the fact that the u.s is basically a religion based goverment is pretty ironic. what are we babies. You can't play with my toys because we dont like the way you are. Grom up.

so i guess i went off on a tangent but if you like punk records.....
dont forget about the bloodbath and beyond 7" 6 songs of shirts off bro down goodness. the best band at the fest 4. i got cracked with a guitar an was bleeding and didnt event notice i was having so much fun.

Lots of cool stuff coming up storm the tower 7", Society of Friends discography split with 625, Hickey live and whatever else i feel like putitng out.

happy valentines's snowing beer bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Joey
Dec. 27, 2005
If Joey would send me the art work / info on some of the new records coming out. I would be happy to post more info about each release but I think he's to drunk off egg nog. Joey is one great CEO. - Webguy
Dec. 10, 2005
The fest, the fest, the fest, if you weren't there you wouldn't understand. how much retarded, drunk fun can you have in one weekend, the answer is the fest, start planning for the fest 5 now. sleeping in a bar with 40 other drunk amazing friends at sluggo's in pensacola, sleeping in the future house, then on the stage outside the future house. me and joey with our shirts off in public 3 nights in a row. blood bath and beyond causing a blood bath and ruling beyond description. speaking of which the 7"s are in my living room and joey's apartment and that's about it right now, soon enough we'll add it to the sight for pay pal orders and get it to some distributors. in other news coming soon is a smoking 4 song 7 from austin punks storm the tower, this shit is good, real good. i got a cat named stanley, it's cold in austin, lords of light/electric eye records still hot off the presses, and pretty much all the same old shit. - Doug
Nov. 16, 2005
Going to the FEST tomorrow with Doug for the big BLoodBath and Beyond show and tons of other crap. Its gonna be a blast hopefully well see you there.....

Also we will have the brand brand new BLOODBATH AND BEYOND "jihadcore" 7" Six songs silk screen covers swirly vinyl. You can get it at the fest show for now if we have any left you can mailorder some.
and in case you didnt know......
BBB is the ultimate rockstar band featuring patty for Dillinger 4, davey from Tiltwheel, Mike from the Observers, and Ben Snakepit comic artist and member of Jchurch. It rocks!!!!! - Joey
Oct. 25, 2005
So finally reason to write....Suzanne and I are in Mexico. It was going great till this giant hurricane named wilma came along and destroyed the whole coast we were gonna hang out it. Oh well so we got stuck in Valladolid which a cute little town but after one day of being there we had seen it all. Then it started raining for 3 more days and our hostel had the water shut off so all 30 people there had to fill up buckets anytime you had to use the toilet. then the roof started leaking on suzannes bed so we decided to go to a new hotel and luckily we found one

and speaking of hostels. whats up with all the people that staying at hostels being annoying and even moreso being annoying in the exact same way. they are all a bunch of nerdy retards from all different countries and they all wear those stupid velcro waterproof sandals and like some parachute pants and a tie dyed tank top. i dont get it. is that how you dress at home or is this your adventure gear recommended by lonely planet. and you are all so boring. stop trying to out adventure each other you all have seen the same shit and used the same book to get there so lighten up.

anyway the only thing more annoying the euro trash is amer-0 trash. bunch of jack ass americans high fiving and saying dude and jump off a high dive and being loud and cussing at the top of your lungs and saying bro and talking about tattoos. nobody cares people. you are making our country look dumber than it is or at least as dumb as it is . and they wear those stupid sandals too. but they wear trucker hats with them. what a combo.

ok on to some good stuff we saw a whole bunch of animals while we were hear and most of them just crossed the road right in front of us. we saw about 4 tarantuas just walking across the road, a bunch of lizards, a few turtles, turkeys, pheasants, so other crazy bird with a fan tail, a peacock, a fox stealin a coconut from the road, a family of racoons, a million dogs, one we were petting and then realized he had a huge gaping gash in is throat. mushy. a bunch of pigs and stuff, flamingos, about 20 iguanas all in the same day, big ass crabs in the road only none at the beach, and other stuff i cant remember. Oh well more later....

get ready to buy the brand new
BLOODBATH AND BEYOND 7 inch coming out on little deputy just in time for the fest. if you dont know who they are look it up. - Joey
Jul. 19, 2005
Here is what i am gonna be up to tonight.
Taco Bell Hot Sauce recipe #45527 1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste
3 cups water
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper
1 1/2 tablespoons chili powder
2 1/2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons cornstarch
2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar
1 tablespoon minced dried onions
2 tablespoons canned jalapeno slices
ill let you know how it turns out. and then enter it into the austin hotsauce festival ha ha!!! - Joey - Joey
Jun. 2, 2005
summer is here and that means sweating and tubing in texas. just got back from mexico myself. nevermind the us government's warnings, mexico is as safe as you make it. 8 of us drove to cuatro cienegas for camping and swimming for mine and johio's b-days. a monsoon came through and broke my tent but tito's vodka and punk rockers from monterrey saved the day. an abandoned camp site at poza churnice, sun burns, glow stick glasses, flashlights, gay disco dance music, and every star in the sky. mexico rules and that's that. new york is ok too. joey forgot to mention back to back cyclone rides, all you can drink brunch at basso est, a real punk show (bent out of shape, hot new mexicans and sexy at an apartment in brooklyn) and tons of other shit. cameron and i took it solo to the met for diane arbus and max ernst (both highly recomended) then stole candy and rode the mr potatoe head car of the ferris wheel at toys r us in times square. find me if you are coming to austin for chaos in tejas fest this weekend. - Doug
May. 27, 2005
HEY YOU CAN NOW ORDER ELECTRIC EYE/ LORDS OF LIGHT split 12" LP and THE AUTOMATICS NEW 7" just click on records!!! - Joey
May. 25, 2005
Oh yeah and where was the cake. I thought i was gonna get a piece. oh well - Joey
May. 25, 2005
Update #2 for today!
good ole doug was in town last week and he done brung a lady friend too! seems like he might have a girlfriend just like my old fish(hopefully he won't drive her to suicide like ole prof. applebee.) Anyway doug was in town so we did some fun stuff that you guys gotta know about!!!

First off PS1 rules!! I know no surprise but i always forget how much good stuff they have there sometimes! Go check it out!!!

Second we went to a show at Cake Shop which is a new coffee/record store/venue here in new york. Now you might be thinking hey that sounds cool but no you are wrong. In any other town that would be a great combo but not in new york. It's not that it is lame it just has that edge of pretention that everything in this neighbor hood has. They do have a lot of cool records though, as if someone emptied out all my mid nineties records i bought and opened a store. But it is a bit pricey and a lot of the stuu i know no one will ever buy like coffin break. gimmie a coffin' break. no one is gonna buy that for $5 and $200 for a Wipers is this Real Lp on clear vinyl! If someone is dumb enough or rich enough to pay 200 dollars for that great record then they deserve to get ripped. But still it is nice to have a record store in the neighborhood.
The coffee shop is really just a big long bar that you can drink coffee at. Nothing fancy and that is kinda cool.
The bar downstairs is kinda cool too. Real small but the decorations have that mod sleek design to it. Little cubes to sit on and stuff like that. Oh well. We saw the electric shadows and the stalkers or somebody like that. We missed the dc snipers oh well. The bands were good except for one thing. and its the same thing with all bands in new york. they care more about looking cool than anything it is oh so obvious. They all had stupid haircuts, like those new fangled sixties mod helmet head haircuts. i hate them and they all had it. lame. i mean the sixites were cool but not fashionable!!! anyway the bands sounded great but they were a bunch of pussies oh well. maybe they'll snap out of it. IMAGE IS NOTHING!

oh yeah my brother came in town with his girlfriend too. They just wanted to sleep basically but we did a few fun things before i went to chicago, like make out all the time in front of me. Groosssssss! - Joey
May. 25, 2005
Its been a while so I am gona do a few updates in a row.
First the stuff that is on everyone's mind my new fishes! Well They seem to have had a few problems.
The first two we got we thought were gonna be boy friend and girl friend but aparently the girl wasn't havin' it or something cuz the boy chased here around all the time until finally she jumped tank one night and we found her all dried up on the floor.
So that sucked but then we got a replacement thinking ole Professor Applebee looked depressed. Little did we know that these African Chichilids are a pain in the ass and like to be agressive. Anyway we got an albino lookin fish as the second one and ole Professor Applebee must not like whitey's (he takes after his father) He chewed that son of a bitch up real fast! An hour later the fish was put in its own tank cuz one of his fins was "missing" and two hours later it died of complications.
So we decided to just let ole' professor applebee hang by himself for a while. He seemed fine until one day i decided to change his water and bam an hour later he was dead. I think maybe the water had too much chlorine in it or something who knows! So less than two months later all me fishes they be gone!! I plan on maybe getting more once the pain goes away!!!! - Joey
Mar. 30, 2005
So hello again. We got a couple little new exciting things in the works if they actually happen it will be great. Oh you can check out my myspace profile. Dean from Hatchbacks and Apeshits set it up for me. I never check it but doug is at the moment only letting fat party animals and hot chicks join. so if you qualify let me know.

Here is an excerpt from an email i got recently from Sean McFalls(Mike and the Molesters, Kidsmeal, Brick, and about 100 other bands). He is living in California right now and below you will find an account of his that is pretty funny. Hope You like it.
"So on Friday we drove to San Diego in order to go whale watching on Saturday morning.  We board our little whale watching ship called the U.S.S. Hornblower at around 9:30am and depart.  During the journey out to the place where the whales are (about 13 miles out) the captain is on the p.a. telling us about all the sites and giving us all kinds of info on the types of whales and dolphins we might see.  He has a New York accent and is being funny and telling jokes and making everybody feel good.  That all changed about an hour later.  We hit some real heavy breaks about 9 miles out and I swear that 60% of the people on the boat started throwing up.  There were roughly 250 on board so that's alot of fucking puke!!  It was everywhere.  There were  3 levels to the boat.  Most people figured that you would get less sick on the lower levels instead of being on the top deck, but they couldn't have been more wrong.  All the people on the lower levels got totally sick!  There was puke on the tables, on the ground all over the damn ship, and to top it off they ran out of barf bags.  It was terrible.  An hour after the vomit fest, we did see some whales and everyone actually felt better after throwing up.  They should have named the ship the USS Chunkblower." - Joey
Mar. 26, 2005
The world is finally changing for the better. The sun almost came out in New York for the first time in forever. Spring might actually spring next week, way better than the snow we had last week.

There is also two new additions to the Little Deputy family. Yes thats right at 2:25pm two bright and shiny new faces were brought into this cruel cruel world. Weighing in at 3.5 oz and 3.8 oz here they are Joey's new pet fish. They are sorta like goldfish but different, one boy and one girl, and if we are lucky they will have babies too soon. Think of it an army of little deputy fish at my disposal to do my bidding. Or maybe I'll have enough to give one free with every seven inch. HA! Let's just hope they don't eat me out of house and home, or should i say apartment and dump. It's a lot of responsiblity having kids you know. Anyway they are gold now but one of them will turn blue when it gets older. So now I got something to live for at least. Hopefully george will finally show me how to put pictures up one day and i can post their growing up for everyone to revel in. Still gotta think of names for them though. Where is pal enterprises when you need them?

Lil' D. Out - Joey   - Joey
Mar. 21, 2005
WEll we got the Electric Eye/ Lords of Light Split in finally. Should be shipping out to a store near you in a week or so. If anyone wants one before that they can get them direct for $8ppd. Sorry its a little more than the usual $6 but there are only 500 of them and making records is expensive these days and postage is a rip too. Either way its a great record on swirly colored vinyl and it rocks.
If you wanna distribute it they are cheaper if you buy 5 or more. So get some nerve and start your own distro or something. Write me for details.
All You Can Eat played some big shows(#98 and #99) in San Francisco in January. Anybody got any pictures? - Joey
Mar. 11, 2005
champipple recipes... who has one? let us know. - Doug
Dec. 12, 2004
well, long time no ramble. anyway, things have been pretty busy around here. we made it home to the u.s. without getting arrested for importing boot-leg chinese goods by the pound. bare with me here, in china every thing is faked, even crabs. the shanghai specialty, hairy crab, is literally hairy and is only in season a few times a year and supposedly tastes much better than "regular" chinese crabs and are thus much more expensive. some restauraunts take regular crabs and somehow add hair to them, selling them as "hairy" crabs. pretty crazy, the ones suzanne and i had seemed pretty authentic but i guess we'll never know. so yeah china was pretty amazing. since we've been back suzanne moved to new york, joey had no idea she was moving in with him in new york (it's still funny), we put out a new 12" record (more on this in a minute), and i did the unthinkable. i got a job. the automatics 7"s have inserts, but need to collect a little more dust. the new record is a Portland powerhouse split 12" on snappy color vinyl featuring The Electric Eye and The Lords of Light. awesome full color artwork hand drawn by double-timing singer August. it's december 12th and it was 70 something degrees and sunny all day, bike rides and awkward white guys playing basketball equal winter in texas. i'm lovin' it. my band camp x-ray recorded 11 songs with tim kerr. that's getting mixed soon and who knows where or when it will come out. e-mail an address for a preview. joey will maybe write soon with more info on the new/old little deputy releases. - Doug
Oct. 18, 2004
Stop calling me Shreckles my name is Peking Doug - Doug
Oct. 18, 2004
Hello again. China is insane in all the right ways. People here are super efficient and don't waste anything. They don't give you free napkins anywhere and brochures at museums and such aren't free just really cheap so if you want one you gotta pay 20cents or whatever. the cabs at the train station that are waiting in the long line to get new fares don't idle their engines because it is a waste of gas. they shut them off and push themselves slowly up through the line. It's all very beautiful. Stealing is heavily frowned upon. Nelson(aka Beef Smellington) says that the reason yogi bear isn't popular hear is because he is a bad role model because he steals pic i nic baskets. if they were to show that stuff to their kids it would be like promoting stealing. Weird. Snoopy apparently is a good role model maybe because he moonlights as the red baron. work is very very important here and people take a lot of pride in their job and doing it well, no matter how shitty it is(garbage man, dishwasher, anything.) No matter what your job is you are supposed to do it right. They work long hours all the time and don't mind. Work sleep eat as duke smellington says.

Another weird thing is that the saying of all the tea in china is sorta true. There is so much tea here it is unbelievable. Every single person has there own personal tea jar with a screw on lid that they have with them all the time. Tea is more popular than water it seems. And noodles are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I love noodles, and tea for that matter, so i am in heaven. We ate at the mall and they hand cut my noodles for me off of a roll of dough with a knife. Super bad ass fresh cut noodles.
Suzanne(aka Beer Shelf) and Doug(aka Shrekles(but he prefers Beijing Doug)) seem to be holding up ok. They ate mine and beef smellington's dust big time the other day as we were crossing the street. That was one for the history books i must say and may be remembered as the greatest race of all time. Dust Eaters!!!!
We are going to Shanghai tomorrow and gonna drink all night tonight hopefully and then ride bikes all day tomorrow. Bikes are everywhere by the way. I sure five years ago they were even more so but there are a lot of bikes and of course they are the cool ones that you can't get in the states and they cost about 12dollars here to buy. No shocks no crazy handle bars just a cool cruiser with big wheels and nice brakes. The roads are flat as hell and there is a bike lane as big as two normal car lanes on almost every street. Why can't every country be this well organized.
The hostel we are staying at is called the Peking Downtown Backpacker which is super awesome. The rooms are like 6$ a night including free breakfast of eggs and toast and beer is 2Rmb which is 25cents for a quart sized beer. I would highly recommend it to anyone ever in Beijing.
I am sick so i can't write anymore but I'll write more later. Email me at because i havent gotten one email since i left.
- Joey
Oct. 13, 2004
So it turns out there is a taco bell in bejing> If we can find it I am gonna get a bean burrito with sweet and sour sauce. Anyway we went on this lake in a paddle boat shaped like a giant goose and drank beer. It was fun and we only crashed into one other boat. Oh yeah we took an overnight train from Zhangzhou(home of the Shaolin Monks) to Bejing. It left at 3:00am and arrived at 9:30. Doesnt sound so bad except for the fact that we had no assigned seats so we had to wake people up that were sleeping on two seats and they weren't happy. Suzanne slept on some guy and Doug slept sitting down on the floor in the aisle. I was sleeping on the aisle seat so i kept almost falling out of my seat and waking up. Then at 6:00 am they come around and start selling noodles and socks.
Bootleg everything is here. Dvd are less than a dollar each for movies that arent even out in the states yet like sharks tale. We got about 10 playstation 2 games for less than $10 dollars for all of them. Nelson is a master haggler and offers everyone 2rmb for anything they have no matter how nice it is. That is the equivalent of about 30 cents. Then when he walks away they start sceaming at him and offer to sell it to him for 5rmb. which is like 60 cents or something. So we got tons of cool stuff that they wanted to sell us for 20 dollars for like a dollar.

I guess that is it for now. we are going bike riding today which should be interesting as long as i dont get hit by a bus. - Joey
Oct. 12, 2004
Snoopy is huge in China. I mean he is a super star who is followed very closely to Shrek. Not really sure why though maybe it is because he looks so delicious. - Joey
Oct. 10, 2004
Doug and I are in China right now partying with Nelson and we brought Suzanne along for kicks. We started in Hong Kong which is crazy. Its like New York except filled with Chinese people. Tons of cool markets and cheap food everywhere too. We met two old guys(Tony and Mr. Ko) at some fish and vegetable market that whitey's dont go to. Needless to say they wanted to practice english so they kept buying us beer. We had about 10 giant beers and Mr Ko kept filling up our glasses and spilling beer everywhere. Then he fell in love me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. They were wasted. I told Suzanne we should go before they pass out so we left. They gave us their phone number but we havent prank called them yet. anyway thats all for now gotta go buy some bootleg prada pants. - Joey
Aug. 18, 2004
Chop Sakis
7/9/04 - Austin, TX at The Flamingo Cantina

Sorry the audio isn't ver good my video cam sux. great show though check it out. - Webguy
Aug. 10, 2004
So I guess the site is back up, thanks George. Not only is George the web guy and riverboat gamblers documentarian, he knows his way around an inner tube, rapids, a 12-pack, and a sweet ass rope swing. In other news tax-free weekend supplied a new pair of low-top converse for myself. My new and now only band, manikin are dicks, Camp X-Ray played with Fleshies on Sunday. Quite possibly the best live band on the planet, they are still on tour with toys that kill, see it. Who knows what's up with Little Deputy, order some old shit and i'll send it out to you with some surprises. - Doug
Jun. 28, 2004
Joey it was nice seeing you again in Austin I'm glad you made it down to Texas. Sorry about getting mad at you and calling you an asshole when riding in the Riverboat Gamblers van. I think you where making fun of a t-shirt my mom bought me talking about how big it was or something. You brought up a t-shirt I owned back 1998 man how do you remember that crap? Then I think you said I was a tax free cheap ass who doesn't spend a dime. Well I guess now that I think about it, your a complete asshole man... But I still think we can still be friends. If you bring me some tax free Canadian t-shirts. - Webguy
May. 21, 2004
It's official. Doug Cohenour, Little Deputy Vice President, has finished his last semester of college. He took two of his classes pass fail and the world has been waiting to see if he could cut the mustard enough to graduate. Especially since one of his classes was spanish 4 and he doesn't speak a word of spanish. How he did that i don't know. Anyway the results are better than expected. Drum roll please...........He passed. And not only did he pass everything and can graduate but he passed with the most vibrant flying colors and he did it the smart way.... by one point. Hurray for Doug.. break out the Sparks. Anyway send him a present or some congratuations email or something.

And the automatics inserts are in the and the record will be out next week. Start saving your milk money - Joey
Apr. 21, 2004
Well, it looks like finally punk planet is giving the great little deputy empire it's due. If this, and all the other great reviews it has gotten, doesn't convince you to buy the record you might as well take your eight dollars and go to new york and buy a pack of cigarettes cuz thats how much they cost here. what a waste of money. anyway here it is .....

(earmark) Chop Sakis- Ghost Town Crowd, CD From the ashes of the Reds comes a side band that can go with your excellent Marked Men records. The Chop Sakis are more pop than either of the above-mentioned bands and don't quite reach their caliber. The songwriting and hooks are still top notch and two weeks from now I will be kicking myself for not praising this record more. The songs just have a sloppier feel that would make other Texas greats proud; in fact this might as well be a drunker Reds show thrown onto tape. I am praising this to all of you; in fact let's go on record and say that you should buy this Chop Sakis disc and enjoy your power pop with a twist in your step and a beer raised to the ceiling. (EA) Little Deputy Records, PO Box 7066, Austin, TX 78713,
and thats from punk planet and they are indie rock snobs now. so just buy it. especially if you live in another country... it's 8 dollars including shipping. thats right prices so low we must be crazy......? - Joey
Apr. 20, 2004
Hey. You guys out there in internet land gotta check out this new hillarious show. It's really funny and edgy its about these 4 losers who live in new york and dont have jobs and have really big apartments(sorta like that great show Friends) but they are all crazy and even though the show is about nothing basically all this crazy stuff happens. It's a really realistic portrayal of new york except they tone down the traffic and cut out all the idiot assholes and hipsters that live here. You gotta check it out its called Seinfeld. And there is this guy kramer he cracks me up.
on a lighter note go see 625 records lightweights IronLung on tour now through may. check the interweb for tour dates in your town. They have this little short crazy guy who is the singer. his name is august and he just so happens to be in Electric Eye and Lords of Light, both soon to be little deputy records bands. Anyway kick him in the shins if you see him or better yet he loves coconut cream pies, especially in the face and if you really pie assassinate him and can prove it there is a free autographed copy of the new lords of light/ electic eye split 12inch in it for you and i'll throw in 5 dollars too. But don't kill him because he still has to do the artwork.
p.s. my birthday is friday the 23rd and my pay pal address is for any presents. i also like flags, pennies, usfl tshirts, money from other countries and would love to know how to steal cable. That's it send me something please. - Joey
Apr. 17, 2004
Hey, For a limited time you can check out some cool pics from my exploits in Minneapolis. Click on the links below and enjoy!!
Riverboat Gamblers
- Joey
Apr. 10, 2004
Spring has sprung, at least where I live anywhere. Thank god that shit was getting depressing. I think I might have to spend next winter south of the equator so that I will get double summer. So if anyone wants to put me up for 3 months or trade apartments let me know. I live in a shithole crackerbox in Manhattan.
Was fortunate enough to go to Minneapolis for work last week. Stayed in a four star hotel with a T.V. in the bathtub and it was all free. Dropdead, Misery, Quincy Punks and Dillinger Four were playing the first night I got there for an Extreme Noise Record Store 10yr anniversary, D4 cancelled cuz Patty Fatty is a wuss and hurt his already limp wrist. Big bummer but the other bands were good. I'll be posting some Dropdead pictures soon so you can live the dream. The next two nights were Riverboat Gamblers, Sweet Jap(yeah sweet jap they rule), the Wednesdays(missed them twice oops) and one night J-Church. Got some pictures of those coming soon too.I guess I picked the right week to go to Minneapolis.
The city itself is really cool, a lot like austin 10 years ago or so. They had great thrift stores where I scored a Charlie Brown puffy sticker shirt for 99cents, and a huge number of really good mexican restaurants and taquerias. Who knew there were mexicans in Minneapolis. Awesome.
Still waiting for the insert of the Automatics record so be patient.And the elecric eye record is gonna have a surprise on the other side. So stay tuned.
Now get up off your flat computer butt and go find some Easter Eggs, their everywhere. - Joey
Apr. 1, 2004
Today only, everything 90 percent off. You do the math and make the order. It is all about Spring here in Texas, already hot and 2 weddings to go to this weekend. Austin people check out the debut of my new band, Camp X-Ray, monday april 5th on the Lamar pedestrian bridge (bring your own box of wine) or Wed. april 14th at Beerland. Then re-discover your love for Manikin Thursday April 8th at the Caucus Club KOOP radio benifit with DJ's Scott Gardner and Lisa Rickenbocker. Book of the month: Roads by Larry McMurtry prolly not what you think it is and if you've never read McMurtry (he's not very punk) prolly not your thing, but I'm down for some small-town Texas wisdom on everything from urban sprawl to taking a trip and not doing anything. Record of the month: the cat will soon be out of the bag on the Lords of Light, this shit is awesome. - Doug
Mar. 13, 2004
Where the fuck is spring??? Cabin Fever getting me down big time. Anyway I just updated some reviews for the Chop-Saki's page hopefully it looks ok. and added some links and deleted the old ones. If you got a website and wanna link let me know.
Electric Eye and Automatics records coming soon.
Go see Boom Boom Kid in Mexico and Peru. He is the singer for the Fun People and is now doing his solo project. Anyway thats it. Keep on packing.
p.s. doug hasn't failed spanish, yet..... - Joey
Mar. 1, 2004
Mar. 1, 2004 What the fuck is going on in this world?????? Best Buy has an emo music section not just in the store but in their weekly circular. It says:

"Artisitic, deeply emotional, laced with anti-commercial undertones "

Hello!!! Anti commercial includes Best Buy idiots. I don't know who's stupider the store or the kids who buy it there. What was i doing in Best Buy anyway???? God only knows i was a little drunk from drinking wine in central park on the first nice day ever in march.( I hate the winter!) I guess i stumbled in there after the guggenheim museum at 3:00 looking for mario golf. but alas my gift card was for only $20.
Speaking of the Guggenheim they are about to have some minimalist show this week and its gonna cost a big whopping $18. What the fuck is that all's minimalism for Christ's sake. It should be free. That shit was cool when it first came out cuz it was such a radically different idea, painting nothing. Tre Punk. At least in theory anyway. Now it is just sad. The whole idea looks good on paper but actually going to see a show about it is pathetic. Don't you know that that minimalist art was meant for rich business men to put in there office waiting rooms to impress people while the artists were laughing their asses off all the way to bank.
I guess that is kinda what Best Buy is doing too. Laughing their asses off all the way to the bank to cash the checks from anti corporate emo records. Ha Ha! What is this world coming to? - Joey
Feb. 14, 2004
KFC is tripping pretty hard. By KFC I mean the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise owned by Pepsi. Motherfuck this "Kitchen Fresh Chicken" bullshit, what's wrong with Kentucky, this totally ruins the cred of my high school band Kentucky Fried Children. On a much brighter note, Quizno's the bullshit "we have toasted bread" as if that makes up for the fact that a combo meal is $9 at a fucking sub shop gets an A+ for their recent line of commercials, that shit trumps anything seen during the Superbowl, an excellent Superbowl otherwise. Here's a group laugh opportunity for all the jackasses who wear shorts and sandles when the temperture is below 40 degrees outside, way to go bro. I'm drinkingf beer that costs more than $4 a 6-pack tonight and noticing the effects in my typing and spelling, word up to that. I won't bother wasting your time writing about how Valentine's Day is a sham. The Chop Sakis are getting more love from MRR in the March issue, check out the official review, I couldn't have put it better myself.. "If you don't like this CD you are just wrong an9d drink tea instead of coffee. The only thing that could make this record better would be wto listen to it on vinyl." Books of the month: "Urban Geography" and "Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of The US" supplements to one of the best classes offered at The University of texas, "the modern american city." Record of the Month: all Electirc Eye stuff. - Doug
Jan. 29, 2004
Hola. Neither the death of a real American hero nor Espanol Quatro can keep this brother down. Tipped my 32 ouncer to Cap'n'Kangaroo and took on Spanish head first. Now on to everyone's favorite arbitrary conversation starter, the weather. Specifically I'll mention a few reasons why no matter how hot it gets here it's better than having to huddle around a heater never leaving the house during the winter. First of all, in a Texas summer, without a doubt, it gets hot as a motherfuck, but no matter how hot it is, I can sit outside and enjoy my book or newspaper. As long as I don't go run a marathon or fucking go cross country biking, I can sit my ass on a bench and do some reading and gum chewing and you can maybe smoke your cancer sticks. Now in a cold weather climate, there is no way in hell I'm sitting outside in below freezing weather while I read the opinion page, it's not feasible nor is it healthy. Next, some people pay good money to sweat in saunas and other unbelievable rich people bullshit, I on the other hand can sit on my porch or couch in the summer drinking a 12 pack of tall boys and sweat my ass off listening to records. Plus, no one ever died in a car wreck from the road heating over, sure old people and dumbasses who think they are Lance Armstrong go out and overdo shit in 100 degree heat and die, but the point is when it is 0 outside, you can't even go outside, when it is 100 outside I can sweat my ass off and jump in an apartment pool or some polluted river or stream. Furthermore, motherfuckers get real sick when it is that cold, and everybody crowds together in tiny heated places only to spread their sickness to every jackass around them. Nevermind the snow, long live sweating out beer and salsa. By the way, Manikin is back, The Chop Sakis "Ghost Town Crowd" is getting "hot" reviews left and right, and lots of big shit is in the works here at the LD. - Doug
Jan. 23, 2004
Times are sad around the here at the Little Deputy Ranch. The man with the bushy mustache and big pockets who was a hit with children for 30 years as Captain Kangaroo died today at age 76. Now some of you might not know who this is but he was like Mister Rogers Jr. or something with way cooler puppets and for Christsakes his name was Kangaroo. How much cooler than that can you get. Doug has gone into mourning. Please send him a note to cheer him up. He's taking this way too hard.
In other news its cold as fuck in New York and my heater doesn't work for shit.
Oh yeah and Craigums from Your Mother/What Happens Next/ All You Can Eat. Has a book out about his adventures in Antarctica. I told him it better have some pictures of penguins laying eggs. Cuz that is what people are interested in seeing. He unfortunately won't write me back so i unfortunately can't give you the url to buy one until he does.
Speaking of penguins check out this and try to beat the Lil Deputy record of 320.5 - Joey
Jan. 16, 2004
Hey!!!! Big changes around here. I just fired everyone and made a bonfire out of the back catalog. Just kidding I'm just updating the web site and couldnt think of an interesting way to say it. So if you see some stuff changing while you are look don't worry you arent imagining stuff. If you live in Denton or Dallas, Texas that is, ChopSakis are playing tonight at Rubber Gloves. Maybe its not too late. Thats all for now. Eat Shit its fucking cold in New York. - Joey
Jan. 13, 2004
Yes, yes ya'll. Joey is back in the NYC and I'm busy fighting panic attacks about failing Sapnish IV in my fast approaching last semester of school and experimenting with jelly belly recipes. Who would have thought that 2 blueberry jelly beans eaten with 1 buttered popcorn jelly bean tastes just like a 12 calorie blueberry muffin. Escaped the pine curtain of deep east Texas after a decent x-mas, nowhere near as exciting as giant ham sangwitches and Cuban dogs. Book of the month: This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel. Record of the month: The Chop Sakis "Ghost Town Crowd" duh. Go to the link below dummies. Buy now, I mean bye. - Doug
Jan. 10, 2004
Added a bio page for Chop*Sakis with a mp3 record player.
The Chop Sakis bio - Webguy
Jan. 6, 2004
So cuba is over and done with. The dogs in cuba are foon snobs. THey wont eat anything unless it is meat. No cheese no nothing. We gave this one dog that followed us around for two days parts of a ham sandwich, surprise surprise, and it ate the ham and spit out the bread. Fucking weird. and all the dogs were like this. What kind of dog wont eat bread. Not very communist is it.
Pens are like gold in cuba. Weird. People would ask for a pen and we thought they were gonna borrow it and then they would leave and not give it back. One lady asked for a pen and when we gave it to her she asked if we had the cap so we looked around for it and gave it to here and she split. Somebody should open a bic factory or something. or learn to make them out of the one jillion straws they have their. straws are everywhere pens no where. fucked up.
The kids are all really funny their because they are sorta trained to ask for pens from the tourists. They come up to you and make the motion of writing asking for a pen and of course we dont have anymore so we say sorry. then they ask for soap to wask up and who the fuck carries around soap in their pockets so we say sorry then they ask for shampoo and same thing. I think maybe they are just scammers in the making and really just want money. Who the fuck went to cuba and gave everybody pens and soap and shampoo and fucked it up´for everybody. I got a billion pens at home and next time i go i am filling up my suitcase with pens and shampoo and giving em out to everyone. Just to see if they really want it. Actually i probably will bring a bunch of baseballs becasuse every kid there is playing baseball in the street with a plastic bottle cap or flying a kite made of news paper. Pretty cool. Oh and not one person there under 14 did i see wearing shoes or a shirt. Being a kid there must be pretty fun.
We went to a cuban baseball game in havana. That was crazy. We got there and couldnt find a ticket booth. Thats cuz they dont have one. Some guy said he could get us both in for 5 dollars. Scammer, tickets only cost one peso which is like 5 cents or something. So we walked around the stadium and some guy let us in his door and we gave him two pesos. Then as soon as we got there the guys selling ham sandwiches, big surprise, asked us if we wanted beer(because there is no concession stand there just one lady selling cookies at a table and another guy with pork sandwiches.) So we said yes and he ran out of the stadium to the store and bought beer and came back and sold it to us for 2 bucks each. Fuckin weird. Basically i think it is byob or something who knows. The game was fun and afterwards when we were walking around we saw all the players hangin out outside with all the fans just talking and eating giant ham sandwiches. Then a few of them walked home and some got rides and some got on the bus. Pretty crazy. Baseball is huge there but the players arent dicks like they are in the states. and the games arent about selling budweiser, nachos and souvenir shirts its just about going to a good game for a nickel. They dont even sell souvenir shirts there. Some guy offered to sell us a shirt for 50 dollars which was too much. Later we found out it would have been one of the jerseys one of the players would have worn in that game. They sell their hats too after the game. I am sure 50 dollars was the gringo price and the cubans get it for much much less but still this is the most awesome non commercial baseball i have ever seen. it rules.
Overall it pretty much was great. Now i am back in mexico hanging out with luis at his new beach house. check his web site. ithink that is it. -oh yeah somebodys got to do something about these german tourists they make americans look like saints. More later.
Chopsakis record is finally out despite what the web page might say. Buy one for 8 dollars worldwide. If you live outside the u.s. its still eight dollars but be cool and send me a penny from your country or a cool stamp or something, i will love you. If you send me a flag ill send you a free one. - Joey
Jan. 3, 2004
I am writing this from the Capitolo building in Havana. Pretty fuckin weird I must say.
we are getting jerked left and right by scam artists that have their shit down pat and my spanish sucks to much to argue more than a little
Note to Jews.. dont come to cuba cuz all they have to eat is ham sandwiches. it sucks for vegetarians too. And if you try to go to a grocery store to buy food good luck because 80 percent are never open and the other 20 have olives and tomato sauce and mayonaise on one isle . water and cokes and liquor on the other aile and canned wieners on the third and final isle. No chips no vegetables no nothing. But on a happier note there is no advertising no macdonalds no americans.(it's weird the only annoying people here are the germans and everybody hates them.
The country is beautiful and everyone is nice. Thank god for casa particulars. People let you stay in a room in their house for 20 dollars and they ll cook you breakfast or dinner for a little extra and they sell beer and drinks and stuff. Way way cool. What's weird though is that everybody lives in a mansion here. 5 bedrooms multiple living and dining rooms gardens and balconies and everything. Now of course a lot of people live in crappy houses too but there are tons of these casas which are just the houses people were assigned or inheirted or something years ago and they are making use of their extra space and making mucho dolares.
That's the other fucked up thing here. They have moneda national here which is in peso but they also except dollars too. It is a nationally excepted currency. What the fuck is that all about. We screw this country over so hard and don't let them trade with us among onther attrocities but they use dollars for money they only thing pesos are good for are the bus and ration food and little tiny food stands and stuff like that. If you wanna go to the store and buy clothes or whatever you gotta use dollars. Crazy country.
The dogs are picky as shit here too they wont eat bread or cheese. And if you give them one of the infamous ham sandwiches that are so popular here they eat the meat in the middle and spit out the bread. Weird!!!! - Joey
Dec. 29, 2003
I wish i could send some pictures from here. Cuba is incredibly beautiful country. Shit is falling apart here though. Tons of buildings collapsing all over the place but still there are tons of others that arent. The places we are staying are super cute and they cook these meals for us that are incredible. I can´t think of what else to write so screw america. Suzanne is lover here very much, by sand fleas and mosquitos and other bugs. They seem to leave me alone though. Merry Christmas and happy screw year - Joey
Dec. 21, 2003
So we have been in mexico for a couple of days now and are staying at the world famous director luis fernandez de la reguera. check out his awesome documentary at
Luis recently came into a little money and did what everyone should be doing´saying fuck you to the country of sheep, strip malls and robber baron´s and moving to mexico.
He bought a cheap house on the beache in telchac puerto outside of merida and has been living there fixing it up. he has a cool website he is doing to help people who want to buy real estate here so they don´t get ripped off like he did by the lawyer.
We have been eating awesome food and drinking lots of great beer and basically relaxing and pickin up shells. tre punk rock. Like i said before... Mexico rules!!!!!!! - Joey
Dec. 19, 2003
Mexico rules! Mexico rules! Mexico rules!
- Joey
Dec. 11, 2003
well the site was down for a bit but it is back.It should be on and off a bit in the nexr few days because we are changing servers to doteasy. If you sign up and use this as a reference then i get 35dollars.
anyway i am off to cuba next week so if anyone has any travel tips or advice please let me know.
we should have some new cool stuff like mp3 up soon as well - Joey
Nov. 27, 2003
Hey Joey for a lazy cheap ass who didn't even pay for me for this web site, You sure have a lot of complaints. If you want to post pictures of your fatass on the beach in Spain creeping out all the ladies, then email me what you have. - Webguy
Nov. 20, 2003
Geogre is off extreme snowboarding, drinking free drinks while playing nickle slots (the trick is to just look away after they bring you the free drink, tip? ha!) and basking in luxury in an undisclosed location, so sorry Joey, no spaces or Europe pictures for now. As for Joey, go ahead and write him at his new e-mail, don't worry though, he won't write you back. Ouch. Check this shit out, someone is taking notice about the awesomeness that is the Chop Sakis CD..."The Chop Sakis are yet another band from out of the ashes of The Reds. Along with The Marked Men and The Firebugs, The Chop Sakis continue the speedy punk tradition of The Reds, but definantly up the pop levels. Their debut CD, Ghost Town Crowd, reminded me a lot of stuff like Tiltwheel (an ex-member also appears in the Chop Sakis) and Scared of Chaka for some reason, but any fan of the above mentioned bands will certainly dig on this Little Deputy Records release." From Maximum Rock N Roll. I'm sure most of you stopped reading that shit when you turned 18, not me. I havn't been to Europe or anything, but I have made some crazy trips across campus, and had an exciting day at The Texas Book Festival, feel free to ask me more about any of this, I might write you back or even answer you in person. That's all for now, maybe Joey will call george out some more and have a few more fake accent stories for us all. i have to go turn in a week late paper before 5:00. Cut the pit, start the shit. That's tough. - Doug
Nov. 17, 2003
oh yeah-------- my email on here is wrong right now. somebody write me. here is the correct address for now ------------- - Joey
Nov. 17, 2003
Nov. 17, 2003
Hey Dummies. I'm back from Europe. Aka the land where a lot of people talk funny. The french rule no matter what your stupid anti Francophile flag waving friends say. They talk like they got a mouthful of cheese though. Which they do because cheese is cheaper than bread. Fuck freedom fries. The best part about france is if you dont know a lick of french, like me you can just speak jive the whole time and everyone still doesnt understand. Thats right my brother. Spain rules 1000 percent. So pretty and cool and nice weater. Not one ugly girl in the whole country. Not Kidding. The whole spanish lisp thing is kinda weird. Its sexy on girls and makes the boys sound kinda fruity. Germany is cheap. Especially Berlin. I mean like Austin in 1989 cheap. Food cost almost nothing and beer is cheaper than coca cola or even water. And its good. Germany is super efficient in every way shape or form except one. The language. Every word has a duken or a zie or whatever added to it, Some of the words are 20 letters long and more. Weird. Plus it never gets old to talk in a fake german accent. Hours of hilarity. Hours. Amsterdam. Well for someone who doesnt smoke pot and hates tecno i didnt think amsterdam would have a lot to offer me. especially since everything is so expensive. Well i was wrong. This place is so awesome. So many bikes that none of them needs to be a pipebomb. Its great. Plus the people are cool and everyone speaks english. Even the movies in the theater and on tv are in english. weird. kinda depressing at first cuz you cant make fun of dutch. but i guess it helps since there are over 120 different nationalities in amsterdam alone. Best part about amsterdam Tie Anna Youth Hostel-oh so friendly and awesome the people working here. and all the frat boy losers are all in coffee shops smoking weed all the time so you dont have to see them or deal with them at all except when one comes busting into your dorm room at 8 am saying some dumb shit about oklahoma beat so and so 77-13. who cares. i am sleeping retard go eat a some mushrooms and shut the fuck up. oh well thats all for now MAYBE GEORGE CAN FIGURE OUT A WAY FOR ME TO POST SOME PICTURES????????????? - Joey
Oct. 5, 2003
Yes. Hello to all. Weather update... It is officially nice outside in Texas, so no more "Damn, it's hot in this motherfuck" comments please. Graffiti siting... "Bush: Four More Wars." Now I thought, "this is great." Then the entire wall and content thereon got legitimized when I saw "E=MC^2" and "Hippies Suck." Now we are getting somewhere. I'd end with "word" but I don't know if that's cool any more. Is it? Let me know. Maybe we'll get a weather update from Joey in New York soon. Hold your breath. Pick up a American Psycho Band/Well Fed Smile 7" while you're here catching up on "all the news that fit to print," they are "flying off the shelf" and may not be around much longer this decade. This update has several "quotes." Feel free to quote me. Fuck the Houston Disastros. Let's all hope Pat's grill is put back together, maybe he'll look better, he can't look much worse. J/K (that means just kidding, you know I don't have time to type out the full words.) Anyway I hope Pat feels better, that has to suck. Cut the shit, start the pit. - Doug
Sep. 18, 2003
By the way, there are a ton, about 2000 pounds worth, of records that are not yet added to the catalog. Soon enough they will be added and then they will fly right out of the basement of the flower shop that they have been preserved in for many years and onto your record players, for a minimal fee. Also, we do accept trades, so show us what you got. The Riverboat Gamblers are touring the west coast soon, Mike should have copies of the Chop Sakis disc if you are too lazy to buy off the internet, I know I am. In other news, it looks like George W. Bush is still a piece of shit. - Doug
Sep. 10, 2003
So yeah, the interest for Little Deputy Records is at an all time high. Let's give it up for dubbya, you know, the prez. The economy is so great that everyone can afford to buy records from bands they've never heard of, and for that matter go out to shows to support touring bands they've never heard of. Anyway, Bush '04, 4 more years, "let's steal another one daddy." How 'bout we all read something besides the NY Times or whatever shit local paper you get. How 'bout we all get drunk and post nonsense on the internet, don't miss any new episodes of the OC though, it's the new 90210. Here's a Manikin tour story... so, we have a show get cancelled in LA, we go to some "punk" bars, see horrible bands, get drunk with money we should be saving, and try to get someone to let us crash on their floor. Two or three in the morning rolls around, bars close, we're wasted and have nowhere to stay. I'm driving and we decide to "dude, we'll just sleep on the beach." Somehow I navigate us across LA to Santa Monica, along the way blasting Circle Jerks "Group Sex" reading the signs saying Beverly Hills and Century City, everything was very nice and pretty. By the time I find a place to park, everyone else is already passed out in the van. I decide I'm going to actually sleep on the beach and head out. Turns out I parked pretty far from the beach, so I pass out in a patch of grass under a palm tree. A few minutes later a homeless man strolls by and yells some gibberish, I say "what?" in a drunken manner and he responds, "It's only gonna get better." Moral of the story, buy the Chop Sakis CD, it's good, I know for a fact you'll be the only cool kid on your block to own it. - Doug
Sep. 6, 2003
YES YES Manikin is back from tour. Hopefully Doug will post some stories from his magic adventure into uncharted lands pedalling the wares of one Lone Star State Record Merchant. I'm back in New York for now trying to find a stupid bike to ride so that this shit hole can be tolerable. The New ChopSakis is done and done. and i mean done. Just gotta ship them out. It is awesome and only a year late. oh well sorry mike. 13 songs of super catchy poppy garagey stuff ala Scared of Chaka. If you want a copy they are 8 bucks or if you do a zine or a radio show or distro and want one write me and tell me why you should get one for free. Oh i Just read "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne on the plane back here. I thought it would be a little too walt disney-fied but instead it was also awesome. Great story not cheesy and only 200 pages or so. Strongly recommended (I give it 3 Topes) especially for travelling reading. That's it for now hopefully the website will be done soon. - Joey
Aug. 11, 2003
Mankin are on tour.. You can get Little Deputy stuff from Doug direct.
tuesday aug 12 el paso moontime pizza
wed aug 13 tucson skrappy's w/ knockout pills, uss horsewhip
thurs aug 14 somewhere in la area, maybe vinyl solution records
fri aug 15 hunnington beach liquid den w/ the rattlesnakes, broadcast oblivion (ex/ scared of chaka, murder city devils)
sat aug 16 san francisco no show, promoter skrewed us
sun aug 17 san francisco kimo's
mon aug 18 san francisco kimo's
tues aug 19 help sacramento or reno
wed aug 20 chico riff raff rock club
thurs aug 21 portland twilight cafe
fri aug 22 seattle monkey pub
sat aug 23 bellingham the factory
sun aug 24 seattle sunset tavern 4o'clock rock show w/ the mexican
blackbirds, the boss martians
mon aug 25 missoula jay's upstairs
tues aug 26 drive yellowstone
wed aug 27 denver 15th st. tavern (school starts, fuck school i'm still on tour)
thurs aug 28 oklahoma sucks
fri aug 29 denton
sat aug 30 austin hopefully the parlor
- Webguy
Jul. 20, 2003
Hey all you dummies. The Chop Saki's record is finally here and completed. Un fucking believable. Oh well better late than never. Its great. 13 songs of pop punk garage featuring members of Riverboat Gamblers, the Reds, Marked Men, and Tiltwheel. Mp3 should be up soon so you can check it out. Oh yeah i just saw that stever martin queen latifah movie "Bringin' Down the House" It was a laff riot i couldn't stop chortling. No seriously it sucks. - Joey
Jun. 3, 2003
Howdy, that means hello. Little Deputy Records, the biggest on-going joke that you thought had faded away is back and lazier than ever. Now a solid 2-man operation with a new web-site to boot. Newest release, The Chop-Sakis debut full-length CD. Ten years in the making, Denton's best kept secret soon to no longer be a secret the Chop- Sakis feature lots of members of bands you know and love. In fact they are your new favorite band. - Doug